I'm Peter Ørntoft. A Copenhagen based visual communication consultant and designer.

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I'm currently helping Wikibusiness - a mature international tech start-up with big ambitions - to redefine the way we present corporate big data.

I work with a conceptual and strategic approach to visual identity, data visualization, infographics and other fields of visual communication like websites, reports, packaging, user interface for mobile and desktop apps and more.

I've collaborated with Danish and international clients on creating and implementing their brand identity across their organization and in their external and internal communication since 2010.

There’s a different process to every project. In all cases I aim to work close to the client/decision maker to have as much dialogue as possible and to make the strongest concepts and visuals.

If you're interested in collaborating on a project don't hesitate to write me an email: hello@peterorntoft.com.

You can see more projects at Behance and check out my full resume at LinkedIn.